• ALLMED Medical Billing

    ✔ A dedicated Billing Account Manager to ensure effective communication
    ✔ Daily submission of claims for prompt payment
    ✔ Claim scrubbing to prevent costly denials
    ✔ Creation and mailing of patient invoices

    Pursuing claims is an important aspect of the services we provide.
    Our system prioritizes claims - going after all denials on our client’s behalf to ensure full reimbursement is made.


    AllMed features a patient invoicing system that is inclusive of the entire billing process.

Welcome to AllMed Medical Billing

Fast Turnaround: Claims submitted on paper can have a turnaround time of up to 60 to 90 days for completion, creating serious outstanding receivables for any practice. Claims that are submitted electronically through our billing software are usually processed and paid within 2- 3 weeks… Unlike in- house paper billing systems, which can result in claims going unpaid for months, we can help you achieve a steady, consistent flow of payments.

Streamlined Follow-Up: Our system of payment reports keeps us informed on a claim’s status, making it possible for us to follow up consistently with insurance providers until your claim is paid.

Useful Reports: With our reporting tools, you get a clearer view into practice operations and revenue cycle management. Our reporting capabilities are focused on increasing your bottom line and giving revenue control back to your practice.

Lower Costs: Outsourcing your medical billing decreases office overhead.

Why Allmed Billing

At AllMed, we can help you achieve greater profitability while at the same time freeing up your time to focus on patients. Our innovative and dynamic medical billing services in Florida will help you to achieve a high level of effectiveness that will result in the enhancement of overall practice management. You will see dramatic change in the speed of your revenue cycle because we invest more time and resources into the initial claim process to avoid costly time delays and denials on the back end. We also use the latest technology and experienced personnel to anticipate and prevent coding and billing errors while maximizing output.

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Is it smart to outsource our medical billing to a company like Allmed?

Industry experts agree, it's not only smart, it's good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing medical care and outsource other function, like medical billing.

Why should I outsource our billing to AllMed?

AllMed can reduce your administration headaches and your overhead by eliminating the expenses you pay for billing, employee payroll, benefits, computer equipment, maintenance, expensive upgrades, and training. AllMed is focused completely on securing maximum reimbursement for your practice.

Is Allmed Financial HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely! HIPAA is a very important subject, which we take seriously. We have taken great efforts in developing a compliant office with computer password protection, locked cabinets, secured fax as well as other things like shredding any PHI documents and keeping our employees educated on HIPAA policies.

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